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Our Story

In 2014, while on a business trip and staying at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Bridgehampton, NY we decided to take a drive around and explore "The Hamptons".  When we visited the Town of Southampton we immediately fell in love with the people, the restaurants and its' beaches, but we particularly fell in love with a quaint little hamlet within the town, a place called "Hampton Bays".  We went to the nearby beaches almost every week and became a regular at two of the restaurants in town, they quickly became our favorites.  We were always sad when we had to leave.  One day, when we got back home, and after much discussion, we decided almost over night that we wanted to purchase a home in "The Hamptons" as our weekend getaway.  But we had to think about what we would do with the house when we weren't staying there.  Since my interest and experience was in the hospitality and interior design industry and my partner was knowledgable and experienced in the construction and contracting industry...and we both were social people, we decided to also use the property as a vacation rental but with a bed and breakfast type of feel.

Since the previous owner used to rent the property in the summertime we were able to accommodate some of his former guests to get us started.  To make the reservation process more convenient for our guests, we then decided to provide additional booking options through vacation market websites such as AirBnb, TripAdviser, HomeAway and other sites.

It has been an unbelievable journey in such a small period of time and we look forward to continuing to meet and greet our guests, and helping them to enjoy their time in the Hamptons as we continue to do.

We invite you to be our newest guests.

Kind regards,

QuNet Realty, LLC - March 2020

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